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Cabeau Evolution CLASSIC Memory Foam Travel Pillow 039815
Cabeau Evolution CLASSIC Memory Foam Travel Pillow 039815
Item #: 039815
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Our Price: $29.99

Amazing Travel Pillow...
Our Cabeau Evolution CLASSIC Memory Foam Travel Pillow 039815 features a super comfortable design and easy to travel with.

Features include:

High IQ Memory Foam

Offers long-lasting, comfortable head support and can be surface cleaned by hand.

Head Stabilization Support

Prevents your head from falling to the side, and just spin it around for full frontal chin support.

Duplex Slide-Lock Toggle

Can be fastened and adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.

Machine Washable Cover

Simply unzip the cover, remove it, and throw in the washing machine for fast, easy cleaning.

Snap-Lock Strap

Easily attach it to your bag, backpack, or suitcase for quick and convenient travel.

Use It For Sunbathing

Use it while reading or watching TV in cars, trains, planes, and now use it out in the sun!

Relax and Listen

Take your pillow with you to the pool or beach and relax in comfort in the sun with your favorite tunes.

Lay Face-Down

Simply fasten the toggle and use it like a massage table face rest when laying on your stomach.

Lay Face-Up

Fasten the toggle together and use it as a perfectly conforming pillow when laying on your back.

More info:

InformationWhat is the “Feng Shui of Travel”? We don’t know either, but this is how one of our surveyed travelers described the Evolution Pillow™. Cabeau has set out to transform coach class travelling into a luxurious and restful experience and is proud to introduce the new Evolution Pillow™. It only takes one time using it to understand why people are calling this the best travel pillow in the world.

This pillow was created to provide 360° support and comfort and is made with world class High IQ Dynamic Density Memory Foam (anyone who has ever paid $2,000-$8,000 for a bed mattress can certainly understand the difference between the quality memory foam used in the Evolution Pillow™ versus the cheap polyfill material used in other pillows).

A research team interviewed over 1,500 travelers at airports throughout the world and more than 80% of those surveyed said the reason they owned a travel pillow was because “it was better than nothing”. The Evolution Pillow™ was developed as an answer for the 90% of people who don’t purchase travel pillows because “they don’t work”. In a separate survey, when comparing the Top 5 most popular pillow designs on the market, every traveler surveyed voted the Evolution Pillow™ as the most comfortable travel pillow.

Thanks to customer feedback, Cabeau has also discovered a new and exciting application for the Evolution Pillow™. The product that kept them sleeping during their flights and car rides was also used as “the most comfortable tanning pillow ever!” The pillow forms a perfect cup for your forehead and cheeks (much like a massage table face rest) and helps any sunbather avoid the sun’s glare while lounging by the water in complete comfort.

All of us want to travel in comfort and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so with the limitations on carry-ons and space in planes and other modes of transportation. The Evolution Pillow™ uses the same patented ergonomic design as Cabeau’s hugely successful 2010 model (the Complete Support Travel Pillow) and incorporates 7 unique innovations and upgraded improvements. Its features include:

HIGH IQ DYNAMIC DENSITY MEMORY FOAM offering long-lasting, comfortable head support. The memory foam can be surface cleaned by hand and is wrapped with a removable and machine-washable super-soft velour cover.

LATERAL HEAD STABILIZATION SUPPORTS to prevent your head from falling sideways. If your head tends to fall forward, spin the Evolution Pillow™ around backwards and you have a chin rest with full frontal support.

DUPLEX SLIDE-LOCK TOGGLE that can be adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.

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